Sansa Spoiled Game of Thrones Ending for Her fiance Joe Jonas

Game of Thrones Ending Spoiler Alert ! By the way this alert isn’t for you. It is for people around the team involved in production of Game of Thrones Season 8 which is to be released soon. Why are we saying so?

The reason is Sophie turner who plays Sansa and our beloved Jon snow real name Kit Harington. We all know it GOT ending is most kept secret ending in television history. Even everyone involved in production is legally bound to keep it a secret. There is nothing you can keep secret from your other half specially when you want to tease them and spoil the ending of a suspense full show to them.

Game of Thrones star sophie turner
Game of Thrones Ending Spoiled

Earlier in Feb Harington in an interview to a radio station accepted that he has told her wife who is an ex GOT character named  Ygritte. Like any other wife would do, this lady also reacted in the most appropriate manner. She maintained silence with Harington for several days.

Same way recently Sophie turner playing Sansa has recently admitted that she has revealed the Game of Thrones Season 8 ending to his fiance Joe Jonas. We can guess his reaction, but for the official record ‘he didn’t liked it at all’.

Sophie has claimed that apart of his fiance she earlier also told a few things to other chaps. She is upset now that people don’t tell her anything now. We are glad that people finally understood she does not act in GOT. Ned stark is the example of Sansa’s loyalty. But Jon Snow has disappointed his fans as he is seen as a keeper of his words.

Game Of Thrones GOT Season 8 Release date

Hi folks, I have started writing about GOT recently, but I forgot to write about the most important thing. Yes, the release date  of the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 8. Obviously it is a little late to tell it now as most of you would have already knew about it, but I am writing this post for the people who aren’t still fans and don’t follow the series or are yet to start watching it.

GOT Season 8 sex scene
GOT Season 8 release

I know it is gross that there are people who still haven’t watched till date. Let us hope they start watching it when the season 8 will be aired on 14th of April, 2019 after a long wait of 2 years. The calendar of the season 8 of Game of Throne Season 8 release is as follows. You can mark these dates in your calendars.

  • EPISODE 1 – 14th April
  • EPISODE 2 – 21st April
  • EPISODE 3 – 28th April
  • EPISODE 4 – 4th May
  • EPISODE 5 – 11th May
  • EPISODE 6- 18th May

As the above list is just for 6 episodes this means season 8 will only have 6 episodes, 2 years wait for 6 episode it ain’t fair. This isn’t a bad news at all because these episodes will be larger than the previous one’s. It is officialy confirmed that unlike 40-50 minute episodes, this season will have 60,70 minutes long episodes. Cheers everyone.

There are rumors on social media that just like last time there can be some leak. Let’s hope if leak happens it better be in HD ‘just kidding’. Just keep updated and keep visiting our site regularly for more updates on GOT Season 8 leak. In mean while don’t forget to enjoy these GOT poster released just 3 days ago.

Game Of Thrones Latest Update Takes Suspense Higher

Hi GOT fans, we were thinking of writing an article about the date and release of GOT season 8 1st episode. But as this is a fan site every fan already knows it by now. So, we are here with something interesting to share. No this Game of thrones latest update isn’t a spoiler, but it will make your suspense higher.

Various theories are making their round on Internet and GOT team is loving it. In fact, instead of cleaning some air they have trolled fans with a series of posters. These posters have almost every character shown sitting on the iron throne. These pics are making quite a buzz. People are sharing psoter of star they think truly deserve to sit on Iron Throne.

Game Of Thrones Latest Update
Game Of Thrones Latest Update

Here is the list of character that are honored to be sitting on the Iron Throne. The Night King, Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Sansa (are you serious), bran , Cersie, Tyrion, Jaime, Ser Devos, Euron Greyjoy , Grey Worm, Ser Jorah, Melisandre, Missandei, Samwell tarly, Theon Greyjoy (wtf), Lord Varys and The Hound .

These poster were shared by GOT’s official Instagram account as Insta Stories. If you wish to have a look at them visit this link. One thing we missed is Sansa, in our last post we discussed Arya can play a good role in coming season, but GOT team thinks otherwise maybe that is why no Arya on Iron throne poster.


Arya Stark Looks Amazed in GOT Season 8 Latest Trailer

Hello guys, We are back with another story,but this time we have something interesting for you. HBO has released another GOT season 8 trailer in which Arya Stark is amazed at the sight of dragons. Many people saw the release of this trailer to tackle 91st Academy Awards and keep the Game of Thrones Season 8 hype up and high.

The trailer isn’t solely dedicated to GOT season 8. The trailer contains sneak peaks related to other series to be released on HBO in coming days. The Arya Stark GOT scene is at 0.48 time stamp. Most of the people must be skipping the video to that part.

GOT season 8 trailer
GOT season 8 trailer screenshot

Her amazed looks suggests that she isn’t scared of the dragons likes her fellow characters in the scene and may be the predictions about her being the chosen one are prominent. May be she will use the dragons to kill others on her kill list.

Other than Arya scene there are other sneak peak  from Game of Thrones season 8. Scenes include Dothraki arriving at the winterfell along with Unsullied soldiers, they can be seen marching. In our last article we discussed that Season 8 will feature lot of gore and you can read it here . This video gives our prediction some support.

Season 8 will be released in 6 episodes and each episode is going to be a blast. For latest news, theories, trailers  and episode released follow us.

Games Of Thrones Season 8 Will Have Lots Of Sex, Blood and Gore

Hello friends, we all have been waiting for the Game of Thrones season 8, the most famous TV series . While there is still time left in the official release, we like all of you are curious about it. There are lots of theories and guesses making their rounds on internet and different forums. Well we don’t like to spread rumors and we will share something that is authenticated.

Without wasting time let me tell you that this season will be full of gore, sex and blood scenes. The cast and crew are giving their fans a sneak peak about what’s there for us in this seasons to keep everyone entertained. They have brought this good news for us now. In previous season there was a little less focus on sex scenes which as per few fans was effect of the critics claiming that sex is being used to get more viewers. (we all know that’s bullshit)

got season 7 scene
got season 7 sex scene

Last season finale ended with a steamy scenes between John Snow and Daenerys and fans are curios are they going to see more such scenes between the duo. If you also have this question than it’s a good news. The director Jeremy Podeswa himself in an interview confirmed that there are sex scenes involving John and Daenerys. He even praised both the actors for their comfort level while filming those scenes.

If you want other such news and latest Game of Thrones Season 8 updates subscribe, allow notifications or bookmark our blog. Fell free to add valuable comments.