Sansa Spoiled Game of Thrones Ending for Her fiance Joe Jonas

Game of Thrones Ending Spoiler Alert ! By the way this alert isn’t for you. It is for people around the team involved in production of Game of Thrones Season 8 which is to be released soon. Why are we saying so?

The reason is Sophie turner who plays Sansa and our beloved Jon snow real name Kit Harington. We all know it GOT ending is most kept secret ending in television history. Even everyone involved in production is legally bound to keep it a secret. There is nothing you can keep secret from your other half specially when you want to tease them and spoil the ending of a suspense full show to them.

Game of Thrones star sophie turner
Game of Thrones Ending Spoiled

Earlier in Feb Harington in an interview to a radio station accepted that he has told her wife who is an ex GOT character named  Ygritte. Like any other wife would do, this lady also reacted in the most appropriate manner. She maintained silence with Harington for several days.

Same way recently Sophie turner playing Sansa has recently admitted that she has revealed the Game of Thrones Season 8 ending to his fiance Joe Jonas. We can guess his reaction, but for the official record ‘he didn’t liked it at all’.

Sophie has claimed that apart of his fiance she earlier also told a few things to other chaps. She is upset now that people don’t tell her anything now. We are glad that people finally understood she does not act in GOT. Ned stark is the example of Sansa’s loyalty. But Jon Snow has disappointed his fans as he is seen as a keeper of his words.

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