Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode’s Duration Out

Hey folks, We already know the release date for Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 1. As we discussed in the release date post episodes in season 8 will be larger than the previous ones.

The rumors or prediction has been verified now as the duration of each episode is leaked. Many are speculating that HBO has revealed them knowingly. Others believe that this is a leak and there are more leaks on the way. game of thrones season 8 duration

Well we can not verify about Game of Throne’s Season leaks, but we do have proof about duration getting revealed. You can see the details of each episode on HBO’s official website using this simple trick.

Just open the official website and navigate to the date 14th, April the day when the show will be AIRED. Now you will see all the details related to Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode one. Episode 1 is 54 minutes long. If you keep navigating through the dates I mentioned in the release day article you will see episode 2 is 58 minutes longer.

Now just notice the URL of Episode  details it has ‘ 811556’ in it. Just replace 6 with 7 and hit enter  here comes episode 3 with a duration of 60 minutes. Now just keep replacing the last digit with successor. Similarly Episode 4,5,6 are 78,80 and 80 minutes long respectively.

The longest episode which is 80 minutes longer will have the longest battle of television history. The fight will be between the white walker and the entire North. It has been claimed that it took crew over a month just to shoot this battle scene.


Arya Stark Looks Amazed in GOT Season 8 Latest Trailer

Hello guys, We are back with another story,but this time we have something interesting for you. HBO has released another GOT season 8 trailer in which Arya Stark is amazed at the sight of dragons. Many people saw the release of this trailer to tackle 91st Academy Awards and keep the Game of Thrones Season 8 hype up and high.

The trailer isn’t solely dedicated to GOT season 8. The trailer contains sneak peaks related to other series to be released on HBO in coming days. The Arya Stark GOT scene is at 0.48 time stamp. Most of the people must be skipping the video to that part.

GOT season 8 trailer
GOT season 8 trailer screenshot

Her amazed looks suggests that she isn’t scared of the dragons likes her fellow characters in the scene and may be the predictions about her being the chosen one are prominent. May be she will use the dragons to kill others on her kill list.

Other than Arya scene there are other sneak peak  from Game of Thrones season 8. Scenes include Dothraki arriving at the winterfell along with Unsullied soldiers, they can be seen marching. In our last article we discussed that Season 8 will feature lot of gore and you can read it here . This video gives our prediction some support.

Season 8 will be released in 6 episodes and each episode is going to be a blast. For latest news, theories, trailers  and episode released follow us.