Daenerys Photo In Winterfell Released by HBO

Hey folks, after a long wait I am writing again and similarly after a long wait HBO has given fans something to anticipate. Yesterday it released a photo which proves that Emilia Clarke or Daenerys will be in Winterfell in coming season’s first episode only.

Earlier we told you about much anticipated Jon Snow and Daenerys’s sex scene in Got season 8. If she will be in Winterfell in the first episode only, you will be able to see some hot scene in the opening of Game of Thrones Season 8. She recently in an interview said She can’t count how many times She was nude on GOT SEASON 8 set.

Daenerys photo in winterfell
Daenerys with Iain Gel

The photos released shows Daenerys in Stark family home. She reaches the North with the king in the north, the bastard, and her lover Jon Snow. In an other photo Daenerys is accompanied by Iain Gel, her most trusted man.Iain Gel has been through alot and can seriously help the Khalisi win this war.

The Game of Thrones final season will cover the much awaited fight between night walker and the defenders of North. There are many theories and some of them support’s Daenery’s claim as the chosen one. If this is going to happen Danerey’s should be in North to make it happen.

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Games Of Thrones Season 8 Will Have Lots Of Sex, Blood and Gore

Hello friends, we all have been waiting for the Game of Thrones season 8, the most famous TV series . While there is still time left in the official release, we like all of you are curious about it. There are lots of theories and guesses making their rounds on internet and different forums. Well we don’t like to spread rumors and we will share something that is authenticated.

Without wasting time let me tell you that this season will be full of gore, sex and blood scenes. The cast and crew are giving their fans a sneak peak about what’s there for us in this seasons to keep everyone entertained. They have brought this good news for us now. In previous season there was a little less focus on sex scenes which as per few fans was effect of the critics claiming that sex is being used to get more viewers. (we all know that’s bullshit)

got season 7 scene
got season 7 sex scene

Last season finale ended with a steamy scenes between John Snow and Daenerys and fans are curios are they going to see more such scenes between the duo. If you also have this question than it’s a good news. The director Jeremy Podeswa himself in an interview confirmed that there are sex scenes involving John and Daenerys. He even praised both the actors for their comfort level while filming those scenes.

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