Jon Snow Is In Love – GOT Latest Spoiler

Hey friends, just yesterday we posted an article about Sophie Turner’s Latest GOT Spoiler. British actor Harington who plays public hero Jon Snow has once again gave us a spoiler. While talking to Entertainment weekly is said that Jon Snow’s world as he knows it will come to a thrilling end. This spoiler has come when we are just a month away from GOT season 8 premiere on 14th April.

There are a lot of fan theories and GOT spoilers making their rounds on the internet about how Game of Thrones season 8 will come to an end. It came from a lead actor acted a oil in the fire. Many people are making predictions that Harington’s spoiler means the relationship between him and Danereys will come to an end. Which means Jon Snow will come to both of them are related by blood.

GOT sex scene
GOT Latest Spoiler

It is opposite to what the Director of GOT confirmed in his interview earlier. That the season 8 will feature Jon Snow and Danereys in intimate scenes. So we can predict from here that the secret might get revealed to him, but they will continue to be lovers even then. Likely possible as we know Cersie and Jaime also are waking the same path.

Emilia Clarke the mother of dragons and the breaker of chains also revealed a thing or 2 in her interview. She said that her character has suffered a lot throughout the series. Danereys was used by her brother, her husband died, she lost people and few close to him betrayed her as well in previous seasons of the show. She is a fighter and you will see her in that spirit only in the season season as well.


As per the latest full trailer released by HBO, the war will be fought at Winterfell. As  many have claimed the finale battle scene will be the longest ever battle scene of the Game of Throne series. It will be probably featured in the last episode of season 8.