GOT Season 8 Official Trailers | Together We Survive Aftermath

Hey fans, we are back with an awesome game of thrones season 8 official trailers. HBO has released back to back 3 different teaser trailer names Together, Survival and Aftermath. On April 2 just 12 days short of the official release of GOT season 8 these teaser are a sigh of relief for fans.

There are winds of speculations, theories making their rounds on internet. In such situation getting some sneak peak into official release is a much needed relief as it helps with the waiting.

got 8 official trailers
got 8 official trailers

The Game of Thrones season 8 we conclude the battle between 7 kingdoms and the white walkers. The battle is most anticipated battle of television history. Some say that the final battle sequence took weeks to film, so everyone is excited about it.

Aftermath video shows a cover of snow all over the place, at last winter is here. Other things that can be noticed are swords and destruction all over the scene and no clue of life. Yes, that’s why this teaser trailer is named Aftermath. This points us to a really unorthodox Game of Thrones ending.

Survival video shows Cercie making her plans with her advisor. This also makes sense as the final game is about survival. We can also see Arya and Jon sharing scene after a long time.

We must fight together now or die says Lennister in beginning of this video so the promo is named ‘Together’. Next scene is Jon and Khalisi marching their troops together.

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Arya Stark Looks Amazed in GOT Season 8 Latest Trailer

Hello guys, We are back with another story,but this time we have something interesting for you. HBO has released another GOT season 8 trailer in which Arya Stark is amazed at the sight of dragons. Many people saw the release of this trailer to tackle 91st Academy Awards and keep the Game of Thrones Season 8 hype up and high.

The trailer isn’t solely dedicated to GOT season 8. The trailer contains sneak peaks related to other series to be released on HBO in coming days. The Arya Stark GOT scene is at 0.48 time stamp. Most of the people must be skipping the video to that part.

GOT season 8 trailer
GOT season 8 trailer screenshot

Her amazed looks suggests that she isn’t scared of the dragons likes her fellow characters in the scene and may be the predictions about her being the chosen one are prominent. May be she will use the dragons to kill others on her kill list.

Other than Arya scene there are other sneak peak  from Game of Thrones season 8. Scenes include Dothraki arriving at the winterfell along with Unsullied soldiers, they can be seen marching. In our last article we discussed that Season 8 will feature lot of gore and you can read it here . This video gives our prediction some support.

Season 8 will be released in 6 episodes and each episode is going to be a blast. For latest news, theories, trailers  and episode released follow us.